Responsible Gambling

Although online gambling is considered a wholly entertaining pastime, there are times when the pleasure of playing is lost. It becomes less enjoyable and more of a necessity. When players reach this point, it’s indicative that their gambling has become a problem. It may be that players have trouble setting boundaries, time-wise or financially, or have become more dependent on it as a habit. We are dedicated to instructing and assisting our readers in playing safely and responsibly to avoid the risks of problem gambling and addiction.

Identifying a Gambling Issue

As with many issues we face in our lives, it’s usually better to recognise the signs and mitigate them before the problems progress than to allow them to develop into a more severe gambling issue. So, here are some indicators to look for when determining whether it becomes a problem. 

  • Overspending on online casinos or new gambling sites
  • Prioritising gambling expenses over day-to-day necessities such as bills
  • Taking out extra credit to fund gambling
  • Lying to others about your gambling activities
  • Selling possessions in order to acquire gambling funds
  • Investing an increasing amount of time in online gambling
  • A need to chase losses when gambling online
  • Thinking about gambling online during work or social activities 
  • Cancelling other priorities or engagements to gamble
  • Ignoring other aspects of life to continue gambling
  • Gambling is no longer entertaining

Avoiding Problem Gambling

To avoid falling into the quagmire of problem gambling, players can do many things. The important thing is to focus on the entertainment value that online gambling provides and stick to some essential individual limits. Here are some critical things to keep in mind to play safely online.

  • Take Breaks: Step away from your device and give yourself time away from the online casino. This will assist with overspending and stop players from chasing losses.
  • Limit Your Time: Besides having breaks, players should have a time limit for playing online—possibly a few hours a day but no more. 
  • Have a Budget, and Stick to It: Budgeting is critical in online gambling. You should only bet money that you are prepared and able to lose. It becomes a slippery slope once players begin chasing losses and borrowing money. 
  • Gambling Exclusion: If gambling has become too much, then you may need to take a more long-term break from it. Self-exclusion is challenging to initiate personally, but there is plenty of support and tools to help players.

What if I, or Someone I Know, Has Developed a Gambling Problem?

If you, or someone you know, has developed a gambling problem, then you are already doing the right thing by seeking help, which comes in many different forms. Across Australia, state authorities can assist with problem gambling. In addition, they have online resources and connections for more personal assistance for those that require it, including helplines and support groups. Also, casinos have dedicated, responsible gaming teams who can guide players.